A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG opens its doors in Schöneck for Hanauer Anzeiger readers.

Finding Ebbecke’s company grounds wasn’t as easy as one might think, the more than 20 HANAUER ANZEIGER readers, looking forward to an exclusive company tour in Schöneck, joked. Surrounding the four Ebbecke employees the visitors were curious about what awaits them over the course of the day. The 67 000 m² site, where the company realizes its process technological projects is slightly hidden behind a country lane.

In the HA economic magazine „Wirtschaft an Main und Kinzig“ the publisher had invited its readers to a behind-the-scenes look at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG. Ebbecke processes all types of powder materials, and amongst others prepares components for the chemical industry. The company acts as a contractor for over 100 customers. In Schöneck a number of different machines screen, mix and grind materials. „We process the products in accordance with our customers’ requirements “, Tim Holzner explains.

He is the company’s responsible sales person and is the guide of one of today’s tours on the former military facility. The 29 year old merchant has been with Ebbecke for 12 years. The site in Schöneck exists since 2005, in addition there are further facilities in Bruchköbel and Burbach. The 17 year old mid-sized business counts around 120 employees. The readers are clearly anticipating the tour, „We have always been wondering what happens here” they say. Giant buildings stretch across the extensive grounds. Holzner leads his group from hall to hall and takes the time to answer the curious visitors’ questions.
The tour starts with a look at product refining, one of the company’s specialties. Currently sun protection factors are being processed and crystalized. „In general all products were once powder“,Holzner explains. Next stop is the mixer, a large area with three funnels, used to mix liquid and solid materials which are then made into powder. Holzner exemplifies his explanations using sample materials he shows to the readers, „We process powders that have a size of mere 5 microns. The material is so small it can’t even be felt.“ Such materials are used in food, others for washing detergents or softeners. In order monitor and examine all these processes there is a laboratory. „This is where we analyze our materials. We measure particle size and the pH-value.“, Holzner explains. Concluding the tour Holzner leads the group to the company’s hygiene area.
These halls have a 24-fold air exchange, this means that work is carried out in cleanroom conditions, comparable with an operating theatre. Currently still in the test phase, but soon these halls will be used to produce baby food and food supplements. This is how the company shall continue to grow, with the spare space available at the Schöneck site, this aspect will not be an issue. The readers have learnt a lot and all questions were answered, so after an almost 2 hour behind-the-scenes tour, they take their newly acquired knowledge and make their way home.

(Source: Hanauer Anzeiger, 20. July 2019)