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Through a clear structure and distribution of production processes, we achieve the best results while at the same time reducing costs for our customers. To ensure a consistently high product quality, our main site in the Bruchköbel in Hesse has extensive machinery and a analytical laboratory directly connected to it. This is where we carry out quality on-site checks for current production.

In parallel, Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG guarantees a continuous process control as well as a complete process documentation. This way process engineering processes are arbitrarily reproducible – saving our customers both time and money.

Werk Bruchköbel
Werk Bruchköbel
Werk Bruchköbel
Werk Bruchköbel

Contract filling according to the customer's wish

At Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG process engineering services such as contract processing, contract processing, contract grinding, contract screening, contract drying, contract mixing and contract pastillation as well as contract filling are in the best of hands according to specific customer needs.

In practice this means: Whether tanker, Big Bag, octabin, drum, cardboard box or bucket – our silo-supported contract filling plants are just as flexible as your needs require them to be. Of course we also fill in bags of any type, size and shape, for example, in plastic, valve, jute, open and EVA bags.

Experienced contact partners at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG will advise you on the most efficient implementation of your wishes directly on site.

The company's own filling center in Bruchköbel has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Dosing screw scales
  • Turbine packer
  • Downpipe packer
  • Drum filling plant
  • Big Bag scales
  • Special filling plants
  • Silo plant with 2 to every 100 m³ volume (1 granulate and 1 powder silo)

The company's own screening center has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Long-stroke screening plants
  • Eddy current screening plants
  • Vibration/rotation screening plants
  • Protective screening plants
  • Ultrasound screening

The company's own mixing and coating center has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Ploughshare mixing with chopper; gravimetric feed and nozzle system for coatings
  • Mixing screws

The company's own drying center has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Drying cabinets 

The company's own grinding center has the following plant equipment among others: 

  • Fitzmill production mill with anti-caking additive

Contact information

Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG
Keltenstr. 16
63486 Bruchköbel bei Frankfurt / Main

Tel.:  +49 6181 189096-0 
Fax:  +49 6181 189096-20


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