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Following strong economic expansion by Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG a second plant was put into operation in 2005 in Schöneck. Due to increasing demand for the process engineering offered by Ebbecke, this work had to be significantly expanded in 2011. At the same time the site buildings were adapted to the color scheme of the corporate design of Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG. On a total area of 67,000 m2 and distributed across 18 warehouse complexes hall with a total surface area of 8,500 m2 production is divided into various work areas.

Werk Schöneck
Werk Schöneck
Werk Schöneck
Werk Schöneck

In the context of this expansion, a new testing pilot plant with 18 different technical plants of the roller compacting, micronization, screening and mixing areas has been developed, as well as extensive machinery for contract drying. With this cutting-edge machinery in the contract processing, contract processing, contract grinding and contract screening areas Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG is optimally positioned.

The focus of the services offered by Ebbecke is on providing, contract drying, contract mixing and contract pastillation, as well as contract filling in the the customer-desired transport container. Through advanced logistics capabilities and our own emergency power supply Ebbecke is also the right partner for a reliable supply chain management.

Bundled customer advantages

With the meaningful separation of the various work processes not only high efficiency is guaranteed, but this separation is a prerequisite for proper processing and storage of various bulk materials from the fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, rubber, plastics areas among others.

The advantage for our customers is obvious: By separating the work processes and the associated overall expansion of a new certified hygienic operation for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical excipients, dental, food, animal health and animal food areas the various industry-specific hygiene standards are realized at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG.

The establishment of a pilot plant allows our clients to test new processes and procedures in small quantity scale. By working together with our process specialists, our clients gain valuable pointers for a cost-effective large-scale production. The implementation of specific customer requests is supported by an extensively equipped analytical laboratory under the leadership of Mr. Luis S. C. Navarro.

The company's own fine grinding center has the following plant equipment:

  • Classifier mills
  • Pin disc mill
  • Cross beater mill plants
  • Fitzmill plants
  • Hammer mills
  • Cutting grinding plants 
  • Cryogenic grinding plants with nitrogen
  • Disc grinding plants
  • Alexander grinder
  • Granulators
  • Crushers
  • Special grinding plants

 The company's own filling center has the following plant equipment:

  • Dosing screw scales 
  • Downpipe packer
  • Drum filling plants
  • Big Bag scales

The company's own screening center has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Long-stroke screening plants
  • Eddy current screening plants
  • Vibration/rotation screening plants
  • Vibration screening machines
  • Protective screening plants
  • Ultrasound screening

The company's own compacting center has the following plant equipment:

  • Roller presses with vacuum-feed input and fine particle feedback
  • Granulators

The company's own drying center has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Drying cabinets
  • Belt dryer
  • Fluidized bed dryer
  • Infrared dryer

The company's own logistics center has the following features:

  • heated frost-free storage
  • Segmentation by means of fire protection walls
  • UV-protected warehouse areas for light-sensitive products
  • Provision of our own special containers for transport

The company's own pastillation center has the following features:

  • Cooling conveyor plant in a closed version for pastillation

The company's own mixing and coating center has the following plant equipment among others:

  • Ploughshare mixing with chopper, gravimetric feeding and nozzle system for coatings
  • Mixing screws
  • Free fall mixer
  • Belt mixing plant in trough design

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