Flüssiger Stickstoff kühlt das Mahlgut vor der kryogenen Vermahlung bei Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik

Expansion of the cryogenic grinding center Center for cryogenic process engineering

Together with our strategic partner, Air Liquide Deutschland GmbH, the new center will be equipped with vacuum-sealed ring lines.

This will allow us to supply up to 8 systems cryogenically. The corresponding liquid nitrogen storage system with an evaporator for the production of cold nitrogen gases is already installed and is connected to this ring main.

All outlets of the ring main are equipped with their own nitrogen control so that we can flexibly connect a wide variety of systems and system components to enable prompt processing for our customers, especially in the area of ​​3D printer powder preparation and chemical products.

The following system components, among others, are connected to the system:

  • Pin mill, counter-rotating, make Netzsch Condux, type CUM 300
  • Wide chamber pin mill, make Hosokawa Alpine, type CW 250
  • Universal pin mill, make Hosokawa Alpine with grinding disc diameter 160 mm
  • Hammer-cutting-grinding combination, make Fitz Patrick, rotor diameter 300 mm
  • Opposite jet grinding system, make Hosokawa Alpine, type AFG 200
  • Opposite jet grinding system, make Hosokawa Alpine, type AFG 400
  • Spiral jet mill, make Ebbecke, type ESM 450

The new ring line will be put into operation at the end of February 2021 and ensures a significant expansion of capacities in the area of ​​cryogenic treatment and processing and grinding of innovative new product areas.