Cryogenic grinding centre for 3-D printing applications

Our company has responded to the increasing demand for new innovative materials in the areas of 3D printing and speciality plastics by building two new cryogenic grinding lines. Together with the plant manufacturers Gotic and Netsch Condux, counter-rotating pin mills with the option of fine classification and separation of the oversize grain using screening systems were used. The particularly selective long-stroke screening process combined with e-power technology was used here. The e-Power technology developed by Ebbecke reduces or removes electrostatics so that fine screening is possible without the use of ultrasonic technology, which often leads to an increase in electrostatics. As a result, grain spectra in line with specifications can be produced without fines and oversize particles with homogeneous final properties. The capacity of each of the two plants is up to 1200 tonnes per year. The new cryogenic grinding centre was put into operation at the Schöneck site near Frankfurt / Main.