The development of new processes and products in close cooperation with our customers is an important basis for strategic collaboration. In order to concentrate the possibilities of pilot plant trials, which are sometimes scattered throughout the plants, in one place, our company’s oldest plant and its production will move to new premises at the Schöneck site near Frankfurt am Main. This gave us the opportunity to set up over 50 different systems at the Bruchköbel site in a newly created environment and to develop a large technical centre and development centre – the Powder Processing Innovation Hub, Europe. With our own physical laboratory and a team of 4 people consisting of experienced engineers and production staff, we can develop and optimise processes in a completely new quality and expand them into contract production via scale-up processes. The new centre covers the areas of grinding/micronisation, including cryogenic, blending/coating, granulation, sieving, drying, spray drying and reaction vessels. The centre will be fully operational by the end of 2024.