Gegenstrahlmühle Hosokawa Alpine Type AFG 400

New opposed jet mill, make Hosokawa Alpine type AFG 400 To expand our contract grinding center

In addition to the already existing counter-jet mills, type AFG, A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG is expanding its contract grinding center in the Schöneck plant near Frankfurt am Main with another type AFG 400 system Feeding of the raw materials for shredding using a Frewitt granulator, inductive metal detection, micronization and a large filter with direct ejection using a double flap system. Food standard was chosen as the hygiene standard in our entire contract grinding center in order to enable the greatest possible flexibility for different quality standards. This means that the entire system technology of this new system in contact with the product is made of stainless steel. The stage structures are also made of rustproof materials in Al Mg3.

The opposed jet mills are particularly suitable for medium-hard to hard products. The classifier wheel arranged above the mill can generate a defined air flow by continuously regulating the speed in order to achieve the steepest possible grain distribution. Even difficult products can be produced economically with the AFG jet mill. These include, in particular, heat-sensitive substances such as toners, resins, waxes, fats, ion exchangers, pesticides and hard-wearing substances such as silicon carbide, zircon sand, gerund, glass, aluminum oxide and metal compounds. Likewise, extremely fine substances such as fluorescent powder, silica, gels, silicas, special metals, ceramic raw materials and pharmaceuticals that can be processed without contamination can be processed as well as high-performance magnetic materials based on rare earth metals, such as B. neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt, mineral substances such as karolin, mica and talc and 3D printer applications.

Our AFG 400 can also be transported cryogenically and is connected to our large nitrogen tank with appropriately dimensioned evaporators. This means that products that are particularly difficult to process can be processed both non-cryogenically and cryogenically, depending on the requirements. The supply of nitrogen gas also offers the advantage that hygroscopic or sensitive products can be interleaved with nitrogen. Aviation and aerospace powders can also be processed and processed under very high hygiene standards. We would also like to emphasize that no black products are processed on any of our grinding systems in the jet grinding center and that contamination with colored products is fundamentally excluded. This includes both black-pigmented products and color pigments.