New intensive mixing system made by EIRICH soon available at A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG

After several years of intensive cooperation, both companies have decided to offer their customers this mixed system on a contract basis. In the Schöneck plant of A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG, a 3-tier platform construction with an integrated Eirich mixer of the latest generation will be available to interested customers for contract work from April 2020.

The Eirich mixing system is characterized by the following special features and offers a high degree of flexibility in the area of ​​intensive mixing and granulation. The raw materials can be added in different containers. The filling can be filled in big bags, drum and fiber drum containers as well as cardboard boxes, open and valve bags.

The total output of the plant in 3-shift operation is approx. 5,000 t / year.

Technical highlights of the EIRICH RV 12 intensive mixer:

  • Mix
  • Granulating / pelleting / agglomerating
  • Kneading / plasticizing
  • Dispersing / Silting
  • Waterproofing

For all applications in all industries:

  • for difficult mixing tasks
  • when a high quality mix is ​​important
  • when rejects are to be reduced

This working principle enables:

  • The mixing tool can run variably, slowly to fast
  • The power input into the mix can thus be specifically adapted to the mix
  • “Hybrid” mixing processes become possible, e.g. slow-fast-slow
  • At high tool speeds z. B.
  1. Optimally opened fibers
  2. Pigments completely pulverized, fines optimally mixed
  3. Suspensions made with a high solids content
  • Mixtures with high mixing quality are achieved at medium tool speeds
  • At low tool speeds, lightweight aggregates or foams are gently mixed in
  • The mixer mixes 100% material circulation during one rotation of the mixing container without separation
  • Optimal mixing effects are achieved without high-speed rotating cutter heads
  • Different consistencies can be processed in one and the same mixer
  • Even short mixing times result in high mixing qualities

EIRICH customers report:

  • Materials of all types and consistencies are processed quickly and in high quality
  • In many cases, binders and pigment quantities can be reduced (better distribution)
  • Scrap is significantly reduced
  • Significantly less wear and tear than with other mixers
  • Significantly higher availability