Outsourcing for comfortable growth

A production ramp-up is good news for a company’s growth. However, what if the capacities aren’t sufficient? Strategic partnerships could be the key, as can be seen in the complex outsourcing of a complete chemical plant.
The chemical industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented change within a dynamic business environment. This environment is characterized by large-scale mergers and acquisitions of chemical corporations, growing globalized product marketing, as well as a high cost pressure, triggered by various cost structures in different international locations.
This challenging business environment also leads to changes within the chemical industry companies, especially due to the intense cost pressure and questioning of their own core competencies. Nowadays it is often the case that process- and application-engineering departments are reduced for cost reasons. Under-worked or strategically no longer portfolio-conform branches are evaluated and undergo an economic review.
In this situation it is proven to be important that, regardless of the fast-paced changes, chemical companies, who are often key suppliers for their customers, establish a means of securing the availability of their complex products. This is where A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik helps the bulk goods processing industry as a supporting strategic partner for technological developments, complex outsourcing challenges and development of sub-contractor services.
Capacity made in Germany
How this can work was demonstrated in collaboration between the company and a client from the chemical industry: Ebbecke created a concept to enter into a strategical partnership with the chemical industry, taking over a German facility. The sensitive production made it vital that the supply-chain toward the customer is maintained, and that back-order situations and downtimes are prevented. The partners jointly evaluated different international sites.
One of the German companies that had handed in an application was Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG near Frankfurt am Main. Because of the site’s good infrastructure and the suitable location for the project, a transfer concept for the affected production was developed together. To achieve the set goals the technical departments of both companies collaborated closely, not only in the planning-, but also in the implementation phase.
During the implementation phase multiple production lines, consisting of mixers, granulators and grinders, were installed.
Facility Overhaul
In order to realize a production capacity of several thousand tons the site near Frankfurt was equipped with a multi-story platform installation.
A new logistics center with an overall area of 3600 m² warrants smoothly running. The center is split into 19 areas, as well as a tunnel for loading and unloading, with sufficient space to process 4 trucks simultaneously. What is also new is the silo installation for external materials delivered via silo trucks which also handles the automatic dosing of the material.
The plant, with its process controls, has the possibility to automatically feed the mixers, wherein dosing is performed gravimetrically. All production and storage facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems and detectors. The realization of the storage and logistics center required an emission control permit, granted and implemented in close consultation with the regional board.
Thanks to these improvements our customer was able to significantly increase capacity and is ready for upcoming market growth. Furthermore, the centrality allows for direct supply of all customers across Europe.
In addition to installing production and storage capacities a chemistry lab for performing chemical analyses such as gas-chromatography, titration, laser diffraction and others required for quality assurance purposes, was set up. The lab was set up according to the latest standards and is also made available for other customers.
The overall logistical connection of the producing commodity flow, the raw materials as well as the corresponding packaging and accessories are secured via a direct line to our customer’s SAP system. An own permanent line provides security and makes it no longer necessary to communicate via the public internet.
Basis for a long partnership
The complex level of outsourcing and its realization over the course of several years is the basis for a long-term strategic relationship. The combination of experience as well as development capacity in the chemical industry and the technical competency of specialists from mid-sized businesses provides chemistry companies and strategical partners with benefits and synergies too. Furthermore, it is a good example for a modern and flexible production structure for the 21st century.
A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik’s technical center capacities grant the possibility to realize end-customer projects along with desired modifications. A changeover of running production can be realized without interrupting the existing process, permitting to cover demands and peaks at short notice.