Anlieferung der neuen Edelstahltanks für Halle 11

New strategic outsourcing project in the field of liquid mixtures

A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG, a leading provider of strategic outsourcing projects, has designed a new system with which up to 10,000 tons of liquid mixtures can be produced, stored and provided in various containers according to customer specifications. For this purpose, a new tank system is being built at the Schöneck plant, consisting of 5 finished goods tanks with 43 m³ each as well as raw goods tanks and 4 liquid mixing systems with a usable volume of 10 m³ each. The system, including piping, pump technology, filter technology and tank technology, is built in stainless steel and can fill liquid mixtures in IBC and tanker containers.

A large part of the European market is covered with the system. Over 40 different idents are manufactured according to customer specifications. Due to the current development in the area of ​​the corona crisis, it became clear that it makes sense to check the reliability of the supply chain chains. With this project, the production was brought back from another European country in order to be able to supply the end customers on time, flexibly and inexpensively. A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG has now carried out several complex outsourcing projects of this type.

All projects were individually coordinated, planned and implemented in close cooperation with the technical and commercial managers of our customers. The long-term nature of the cooperation and the mostly promised permanent use of our own dedicated facility guarantee our customers maximum availability with variable purchase quantities. Price constancy and high delivery reliability.