Bag Fill

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Bag Fill

Technical data

  • Container types Valve bags, open bags, cardboard boxes, drums and fiber drums
  • Container fastening: Plastic bags, welded; paper bags, sewn; valve sacks, valve welded or folded; cardboard boxes / drums tied with liners so they form goosenecks and then fastened with clips
  • Product-contacting parts: Stainless steel, partially electropolished
  • Feeding: From 100 m³ silos, alternatively from Big Bags, octabins, bags or cardboard boxes
  • Number of filling lines 12
  • Contract filling plants Dosing screw scales, turbine packers, compressed-air packers, vacuum packer, downpipe packers
  • Supplementary: Position of scrap metal boxes as transport containers in reuse of transportation boxes

Bag Fill
Bag Fill
Bag Fill
Bag Fill
Bag Fill

Areas of application

  • Filling of cardboard boxes
  • Filling of fiber drums
  • Filling of valve bags and open bags (5-25 kg bag weight)
  • Filling and palletting of special bags
  • Filling of thin-walled bags (EVA bags)

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