Big Bag Fill

The filling plant for Big Bags and octabins

Big Bag Fill

Our Big-Bag filling scales enable the external assignment of filling services onto calibrated Big-Bag scales from storage silos bags or drums. We offer short term useful and flexible filling capacities as a replacement or supplement to your own filling plants.

Technical data

  • Big Bag sizes: 0.5-2.5 m³
  • Weight ranges 50-1,500 kg
  • Product-contacting parts: Stainless steel
  • Feeding: From 100 m³ silos, from palletted bagged goods and drums
  • Number of filling lines 4
Big Bag Fill
Big Bag Fill
Big Bag Fill

Areas of application

  • Filling of Big Bags from silo
  • Filling of Big Bags from bags
  • Refilling of various sizes of Big Bag
  • De-aeration of the product, with subsequent Big-Bag filling
  • Refilling with protective screening
  • Refilling with crushing of agglomerates
  • Refilling with homogenization
  • Refilling with additional admixture of one or more components
  • Refilling with metal detection

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