Carbon Black

Filling and processing of black products

Carbon Black

At our production site in Burbach near Siegen, we offer the full range of bulk material processing technology for black products. The processing opportunities in Burbach include screening, blending, milling, micronization, filling and refilling, as well as complete storage solutions and warehousing for the respective black pigmented products. Furthermore, we have a separate sector for colored pigmented products which allows for the filling, screening and blending of pigments for the cosmetics industry into sample boxes or even into larger containers.

Einzelsackkonfektionierung Single Bag

Fields of activity

  • Filling/Refilling: Filling of Big Bags, bulk bags, drums, boxes and all kinds of special containers
  • Blending: Production of powder mixtures and coatings
  • Micronization: Milling of black products
  • Granulation: Production of pigment granulates
  • Screening: Professional screening technology using long stroke and vibrating screeners
  • Drying: A large variety of drying systems is used for moisture reduction
  • Sample Administration: Filling and refilling of sample containers
  • Metal detection: Inspection of pigmented products in terms of metal contamination

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