Liquid filling

Solutions, suspensions and pasty masses

Flüssigware füllt Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik als Lohnkompaktierer in Gebinde jeder Art und Größe ab.
Flüssigabfüllung zählt zu den Kompetenzen des Lohnkompaktierers Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik

As part of our contract compacting we take care of contract filling of containers of any type and size for our customer and also the production of suspensions, dispensions and solutions. Through our gravimetric filling plants a semi-automatic filling is realized in Feige filling plants. Furthermore, additional modules can be used, and special solutions are also possible for special liquid filling. The filling is carried out consistently on certified scales.

In addition to the technical and economic aspects, we attach great importance to complying with health and safety and environmental guidelines at our filling plants. This way overflow safety devices and drip extraction systems and of course, also gas protective covers protect both employees and the environment from harmful fumes.


We also take care of the logistics

Due to the high flexibility of our plants, we are able to refill a wide variety of campaign sizes at short notice. As well as the contract filling we also guarantee the palletizing, packaging, and coordinated shipping of filled containers. And we also handle the processing of customs formalities. Delivery ramps directly by the buildings ensure smooth logistics even at peak loads.

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