Logistics management

The useful addition to production

Logistik Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik

We supplement our product range for our customers with our logistics services. After production, we take care of the palletizing, labeling and packaging of the goods produced. If necessary, we provide appropriate exchange containers such as collapsible and stackable full metal boxes.

Stay flexible and reduce costs

By storing finished products in our warehouses our clients gain flexibility, because we guarantee full availability. At the same time our logistically favourably-positioned logistics locations reduce distribution costs for our customers. As additional services we offer our customers a fully comprehensive shipment management, including complete export formalities.

Areas of application

  • Storage of Big Bags
  • Storage of palletized bagged goods
  • Storage of drum containers
  • Storage of produced goods and dispatch management for export
  • Sample shipping / sample pattern fillings
  • Shipments of single bags of palletized goods

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