Dry micronization

The optimal solution for fine grinding of bulk material

Lohnvermahlung Lohnmahlung

We offer you a wide range of different types of plants for contract grinding in our fine grinding centers. Among them are special grinding plants, such as a special mill for natural products, an efficient circulating gas plant and a cryogenic grinding system for temperature-sensitive products. All our grinding plants for bulk material processing are made of stainless steel and designed with dosing devices, discharge with one-way filters, separators and bunkers as closed plants.

Grain size exactly as you request it!

Our fine grinding plants enable the dissolution of agglomerates as well as the breaking up of solid grain structures up to the finest grinding in a reproducible product quality. Customers of Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG appreciate the flexibility of the available grinding systems that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the grinding process. Nothing is left to chance because cutting-edge procedures and measuring instruments are used for the analysis of the grain spectrum and the particle size distribution. For example, laser diffraction instruments, test screening machines from Retsch and J. Engelsmann as well as air jet sieves from Alpine are available to test the ground goods.


Retain flexibility with Ebbecke

In order to remain flexible in the production and distribution we offer our customers individual support for peak loads that require an extended fabrication Our storage areas, which are spread across the whole of Germany, enable the professional storage and temporary storage of large quantities of goods in a variety of containers. On request, we will also take care of the process documentation, as well as handling logistical and customs-related tasks.

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