Cryogenic Mill

The solution for fine grinding temperature-sensitive products.

Lohnmahlung Cryogenic Mill

Our cryogenic grinding plants enable fine grinding of lubricating and temperature-sensitive products. This not only results in a technically perfect grinding but in addition thermal damage of the ground material and resulting grinding losses are prevented by the cryogenic grinding.

All plants are designed with swivel screw coolers and liquid nitrogen cooling, appropriate dosing devices, separators as well as bunkers as closed plants.

Technical data

  • Target fineness: 10-2,000 µm
  • Plant types: Pin mills, cross beater mills
  • Product-contacting parts: Stainless steel
  • Cooling: By liquid nitrogen
  • Delivery in: Bagged goods, Big Bags, oktabins, drums
  • Feeding: Via feeding stations, metering screws and vertebral screw coolers
  • Filling into: Bags, drums, Big Bags, cardboard boxes and special containers

Areas of application

  • Fine grinding of resins
  • Fine grinding of foodstuffs
  • Fine grinding of seeds
  • Fine grinding of fine chemicals (vitamins, surfactants, etc.)

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