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Lohnmahlung Fine Mill

Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG is your specialist for demanding tasks in the area of ​​contract grinding. The fine grinding plants used enable the dissolution of agglomerates as well as the breaking up of solid grain structures including even the very finest grinding.

All our grinding plants for bulk material processing are made of stainless steel and designed with dosing devices, discharge with one-way filters, separators and bunkers as closed plants. Accordingly, they comply with all the strict specifications and hygiene standards of the of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

Fine Mill Lohnmahlung
Fine Mill Lohnmahlung
Fine Mill Lohnmahlung
Cryogenic Mill
Fine Mill Lohnmahlung

Technical data

  • Target fineness: 1.0-5,000 µm
  • Plant types: Classifier mills, air jet grinding plants, spiral jet grinding plants, pin mills, cross beater mills, hammer mills, Fitzmill, screen mills, disc mills, graters, crushers, cryogenic grinding, nitrogen overlaid plants
  • Product-contacting parts: Stainless steel
  • Delivery in: Bags, bales, Big Bags, octabins, drums or silo vehicles
  • Feeding: From silo or single containers via feeding stations equipped with clearing devices and dosing screws as well as vibration channels
  • Filling into: Bags, Big Bags, octabins, drums and special containers as well as silo vehicles

Areas of application

  • Fine grinding of products for the production of narrower grain distributions
  • Fine grinding of products under dosage of superplasticizers to produce the storage stability
  • Fine grinding of plastic granulates
  • Destruction of agglomerates with crystallized goods
  • Fine grinding while screening out or classifying oversized grains
  • Combination with metal detection
  • Laser diffraction and humidity measurement in our own laboratory for quality control
  • Micronization under hygienic standard for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics possible in the hygiene plant

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