Plastic Mill

The solution for the production of plastic powder

Lohnmahlung Plastic Mill

Our fine grinding plants for plastic granulates enable the grinding of a wide variety of plastic granulates including even the finest grinding. All our grinding plants for bulk material processing are made of stainless steel and designed with dosing devices, discharge with one-way filters, separators and bunkers as closed plants. The ground goods can be processed on site or poured directly into the container specified by the customer.

Technical data

  • Target fineness: 200-1,000 µm
  • Plant types: Disc mills, pin mills, granulators, cryogenic grinding plant
  • Container: Bags, Big Bags, octabins, drums or drums
  • Feeding from silo possible
  • Filling from silo vehicles is possible

Areas of application

  • Fine grinding of LDPE
  • Fine grinding of polypropylene
  • Fine grinding of polystyrene
  • Fine grinding of polyamide
  • Fine grinding for simultaneous de-dusting of the finished product
    Fine grinding of EVA under cryogenic conditions

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