Linear Sieve

The flexible and adaptive screening system

Linear Sieve
Linear Sieve Siebanlage

The linear sieve enables contract screening with maximum flexibility. Through the adjustability of the stroke length, the variable tilt adjustment of the screening fabric and the motor speed, which is controllable by frequency converter, the widest variety of products and grain sizes can be a screened perfectly. A continuous-cleaning screen insert de-duster reduces blocking of the screen fabric. Thanks to the long-stroke agitation of the screen fabric the best possible selectivity is achieved, at the same time the long-stroke movement plan prevents elongated particles from standing up. The result is a greatly reduced number of outsize particles in the final product.

There is a revolutionary new development in our factory in Schöneck: This combined screening sifting plant which is equipped with an air classifier enables the screening out of coarse material with simultaneous sifting of long-fiber constituents of the product. This type of system is used for example in the technically demanding screening of plastic granulates in order to separate both elongated strands and fibrous angel hair.

Technical data

  • Screen area plant type 1: 1.00 m²
  • Screen area plant type 2: 2.25 m²
  • Screen area plant type 3: 3.00 m²
  • Mesh width: 50–20.000 µm
  • Cleanability: Completely cleanable
  • Number of fractions: 2-5, depending on plant type
  • Product feeding: Extractable dosing screw
  • Screen fabric cleaning: Using ball cleaning device or air brushes

Areas of application

  • Fractionation of raw materials into predetermined grain fractions
  • De-dusting of semolina-like powders and granulates
  • Screening out and classifying of strands and angel hair from plastic granulates or rubber industry reinforcing materials
  • Fractionation of sharp-edged components from dental powders
  • Processing of contaminated raw materials
  • Can be equipped with air classifiers

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