Planoscreen E-Power

Screening of 3D printer powders – new development of the Planoscreen E-Power

The problem of producing high-quality 3D printer powder from the different raw materials TPU, polyamide, propylene, etc. requires special, mostly cryogenic grinding technologies and very special processing of the fine powder produced. These usually consist of a sighting and screening. The problem of screening is of particular importance for most products, since screening processes are very difficult to design due to the electrostatics that are usually present.

Against this background, the company A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG, with its decades of experience in screening technology, has developed a new process which is based on the PowTech innovation award winner, the “Planoscreen screening plant”. This system was modified accordingly for the special screening of ultra-fine powders in the field of 3D printer powders.

With this innovative technical solution, 3D printer powder can be produced in a quality that has not yet been produced. As a partner of the international 3D printer powder and 3D printer device manufacturers, our company has solved this problem with the “Planoscreen E-Power” and is able to process and produce appropriate quantities of powders for these areas.