Superfine screening with Ebbecke’s ultrasonic screening technology

The glimmer for vehicle paint, raw materials for aviation and aerospace applications, but also additives for the production of weapons systems require homogenous and fine grain structures that need a high level of fractional separation precision in the ultra-fine spectrum. This requires for the products to be subject to the lowest possible amount of mechanical stress and that screens, even with a mesh size of 35–60 µm remain free from obstructions. In order to combine all these aspects in a single plant that is as flexibly adjustable as possible, the Ebbecke ultra-sound screening line EUS 2000 flex was developed. This line combines the proven long stroke technology with state-of-the-art pulsating ultrasonic excitation. The long-stroke technology allows for a gentle wave-like transportation of the material with an adjustable screen angle, stroke-length and frequency, overlapped by a continuously adjustable ultrasonic exciters split into different segments. Thus allowing for miscellaneous, depending on the load of the screen, excitations to lead to the ideal screening result. The line has a total screening surface area of 2m2 spread across an overall screen length of 2.600 mm within a closed system under hygienic conditions.