Ebbecke Patenschaftsurkunde für Monti (Montel)

A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG is committed to environmental protection – supporting the turtle hospital on Key Marathon, Florida

The raw material manufacturers and processors are particularly responsible for the environmentally friendly use and manufacture of plastic packaging and for the use of microplastics.

For the oceans of our earth and for the animals living in them, waste that is washed into the sea is always a problem. Turtles swallow pieces of plastic and debris floating in the sea, get tangled in nets or plastic threads or are injured by ship transport and their propellers.

In order to make a small contribution here, A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG not only supports the world’s only turtle hospital in Key Marathon , Florida, but has also sponsored an injured turtle that would perish without the permanent help of the Turtle Hospital. This is exemplary for many other turtles that suffer a similar fate.

Our turtle is called MONTEL and, thanks to our company’s assumption of costs, it can be given medical care and feed in a spacious sea salt water pool. Montel lives there with 20 other turtles who have had similar fates. Montel is blind in one eye and has been severely compromised and weakened by cancer. In the turtle hospital the turtle could be stabilized by a cancer operation. Montel now swims happily in the pool and only has problems orienting himself due to the defects in his eyes.

Montel is visited by us annually, as a customer you are welcome to visit Montel in the turtle hospital in Key Marathon . Guided tours are possible there. We see this on a small scale as an important contribution of our company to draw attention to the problem of marine pollution and see ourselves as a processor of raw materials here as a special responsibility.

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Monti (Montel) - Steckbrief der Meeresschildkröte - Patenschaft durch Ebbecke