Schwalbenhotel mit 30 Nestern von Ebbecke installiert

Picture Swallow Hotel (Günderrode Castle)

Swallow hotel with 30 nests at Ebbecke

In the past, they were considered to be messengers of good luck, protecting the house from fire and lightning and the cattle in the stable from disease. They were mainly found in barns and cowsheds. But as so-called culture followers, swallows have long been found in residential buildings and industrial plants.

However, the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals occasionally requires creative solutions, especially in industry, in order to do justice to both sides. As more and more nesting opportunities are lost for swallows, they find fewer and fewer opportunities to build their nests. Nests are often removed from private houses to prevent the walls from getting dirty.

In order to offer the swallows a new home at A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG, we built a swallow hotel with a total of 30 swallow nests at a dizzy height. This on a green area and far from the nearest buildings. This allows swallows to find new homes and raise their young while avoiding contamination in productions.

We are now excited to see how the swallows will adopt their new home in the spring and how a new generation of swallows can be raised.