Improvement of the EVT 1300 vacuum dryer

The drying technology developed by A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG in the form of a vacuum dryer tunnel was adapted to the diverse and innovative tasks in cooperation with our customers.

In the vacuum drying tunnel with a length of 13,000 mm, entire truck loads can be dried at once as a trail dryer. Sheet metal racks with 26 sheets each – total number of sheet metal supports 13 – are moved into the vacuum drying tunnel via a pull-in slide. This operates at a vacuum of 40 mbar.

In order to improve the performance of the dryer, the possible drying temperatures have been increased from 70 ° C to the maximum temperature of 85 ° C. In addition, the condenser unit was converted to a liquid cooling system compared to the previous air cooling system. This improves the effectiveness many times over.

The control by means of a computer-controlled data acquisition module has also been reprogrammed. Therefore, in addition to the constant operation, cascade drying is now also possible, in which a significantly higher level of effectiveness can be guaranteed, especially in the low residual moisture range.

In order to achieve good heat transfer, new aluminum sheets were installed compared to the previous plastic tubs.

The EVT 1300 vacuum drying tunnel is in use at our Schöneck location near Frankfurt am Main.