Ebbecke Symbol Abfüllung

Filling / refilling

All types of containers from the industry fillable

We process products in all containers that are used in the bulk material area. Whether Big Bag, octabin, drums, fiber drums, bags, cardboard boxes, buckets, cans or special containers. We have the right plant for every container. In our special warehouses...

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Ebbecke Symbol Lohnmischung

Mixing / coating

The ploughshare mixer plant

With our mixing systems homogeneous mixtures and coatings are produced from various components. We have drum mixers, container mixers, Nauta Mixers, ...

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Ebbecke Symbol Lohnmahlung

Micronization / grinding

Production of defined grain size distributions

We can offer you a wide range of different types of plants in our fine grinding centers and special grinding plants including even circulating gas plants and cryogenic grinding. Our pulverizing plants enable...

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Ebbecke Symbol Lohnsiebung

Screening / fractionation

Screening of defined grain size distributions

The right screening process and the right plant, in any size, for virtually any bulk material. Founded as a contract screening company, we have an extensive range of plants and lots of experience in processing...

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Ebbecke Symbol Kompaktierung

Compaction / granulation

Powdery products, manufacture dust-free and in a way that is easy to dose

The production of specific granulates and compacts requires the use of various granulating systems. These are available at our site near Frankfurt am Main in various sizes and...

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Ebbecke Symbol Trocknung

Drying / spray drying

Drying systems for granulates and powder

We dry granulates and powders with surface moisture and capillary moisture. For this each product has its own specific processing requirements. For every product we bring the right ...

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Ebbecke Symbol Technikum

Pilot plant

Our pilot plant enables new developments and samples

In the processing of bulk materials, production results and sample quantities are essential in the development and implementation phase due to the diversity of products and the many difficult-to-determine frame parameters ...

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Ebbecke Symbol Flüssigware

Liquid goods / dispersions

Filling and mixing

We offer contract filling and production of suspensions, dispensions and solutions. Whether it is drums, cans or IBCs, we offer our external capacities for filling your products...

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Ebbecke Symbol Pastillierung

Pastillation / scaling

Molten products in granulate form

We convert molten products into granulate form. With our plants we produce pastilles, flakes or coarse plates. The continuous transfer of molten products across cooling belts in the...

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Ebbecke Symbol Logistik

Logistics / shipping

Manage inventory and commissioning

As well as production, we are also happy to provide logistics for you. Sampling, sample shipping, packaging and labeling, storage, loading and shipment management – we offer a full service for your products ...

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