Custom-made solutions

Granulate jeder Form und Größe produzieren die Granuliersysteme in der Lohnkompaktierung von Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik.
Die Lohnkompaktierung bei Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik produziert in Lohnarbeit Granulate in jeder Form und Größe.

With our variety of granulating systems we produce granulates or compacts in every shape and size for our customers in contract work. Our modern granulating systems consist of roller compacters, pelletizing systems, drum granulators and extruders. Supplementing these are our granulating systems for vacuum packing, in addition equipped with a fully automatic compression force regulation.


Through high-tech to the perfect product

Our compactor plants made from stainless steel usually consist of the product feed to the roller, a vent unit by vacuuming as well as counter-rotating rollers with continuously adjustable compression force and speed regulation. Here a pre-granulation of pressed slugs, then the fine granulation of pre-granulated goods and the screening of the fine particles under continuous feedback of the screened fine grain are carried out.

Our process engineers have multiple ways to customize both the shape and the properties of the final product according to customer requirements. This is how for example our pelletizing systems permit the granulation of viscous products and the production of final products with a defined degree of strength. The surface hardness and thus the abrasion behavior can also be specifically influenced.

Process engineering competence

Our strength is our process know-how in conjunction with an cutting-edge machinery. Accordingly, for our customers we are not only the right contact person for standard contract compacting procedures – especially when it gets complicated and challenging, we help customers from all over Europe. All this expertise is bundled into our pilot plant, where, together with our customers, we carry out preliminary trials and test series.

Fact is: The spectrum of customer needs and industry requirements in the contract compacting area is wide – but at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG individually-tailored solutions are developed. As a result, our clients receive an efficiently produced product that accurately represents the desired technical specifications.

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