Drum Mix

Large-scale contract mixing – with our ploughshare mixing plants

Drum Mix
Drum Mix Lohnmischung
Drum Mix Lohnmischung

Our ploughshare mixing plants enable the homogeneous mixing of the widest variety of components. This we guarantee! All plants are equipped with choppers and nozzles for spraying liquid additives on the support material. In addition, as all-around service providers we offer our customers usable and flexible mixing capabilities at short notice to replace or supplement their own mixing plants.

Technical data

  • Volume of mixing vessel
    • Plant type I: 9.0 m³ Nauta Mixer
    • Plant type II: 3.0 m³
    • Plant type III: 1.2 m³
    • Plant type IV: 0.2 m³ Rhönrad mixer
  • Filling degree: 70 %
  • Product-contacting parts: Grinded stainless steel
  • Feeding from Big Bag, drum or bagged goods via feeding stations and dosing screws; feeding is done by gravimetric dosing
  • Integrated spraying device for liquids
  • Number of choppers: 2-4
  • Number of mixing lines: 4

Areas of application

  • Manufacture of granulates of defined hardness and abrasion resistance by means of infinitely variable contact pressure.
  • Assurance of product homogeneity, avoidance of de-mixing.
  • Production of low-dust granulates for better handling and improved admixing properties.
  • Compression of container volume by means of compacting with the same quantity of active agents.

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