New ESM 500 spiral jet grinding system at the Schöneck plant

The first system of the new grinding center consisting of a total of 8 new fine micronization systems in our Schöneck plant is under construction and is expected to be ready for operation at the end of September. The proven spiral jet grinding technology is characterized by a high fineness of up to D50 = 3.5 µm compared to comparable systems with an extremely steep and linear grain distribution curve. The entry and exit of the curve are small.
This enables high product homogeneities to be achieved regardless of the surface structure of the ground material.
The new system is characterized by a high degree of variance and variety of attachments, so that the greatest possible flexibility can be achieved. An egeneric, separate production room ensures production under hygienic conditions. Different grinding air qualities guarantee a high level of economy. In the planned 3-shift operation, the plant has an average total capacity of 800 to 1,200 t / year.