Mikrobiologisches Labor

Expansion of the laboratory capacity at the Schöneck plant

The extensive existing laboratories of A. Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG at the Schöneck site with the newly built chemistry laboratories and physical laboratories are now being expanded to include a microbiological laboratory. Regular hygiene checks must be carried out in food processing. These controls include sampling of surfaces and system parts. These samples are carried out with so-called “contact samples”.

These are small sticks with a nutrient medium for microorganisms. This nutrient medium is pressed onto the surface or the part of the system and then sealed with a plastic tube. These plastic tubes are then incubated in an incubator at approx. 32-37 ° C for several hours. If microorganisms were present on the surfaces, then they grow on the nutrient medium and can be counted. A statement can then be made about how well it was cleaned or how clean the sampled area was. In order to make this nutrient medium harmless again and not endanger anyone if the plastic tubes are then heated in an autoclave to over 120 ° C for several hours and the microorganisms then die. At the site, we will in future be able to analyze microbiological swab samples ourselves for hygiene processing in order to be able to continuously check the cleanliness and hygiene of the production facilities.

For this purpose, a new system technology is installed in a completely new laboratory as an extension of the existing laboratory complex. The new microbiological laboratory will be operational at the beginning of March 2021.